Day 378-Yellow

Blenko Water Bottle Yellow

I purchased this water bottle while visiting Blenko in October of 2006 and it is etched 2006 on the base.  It is also signed by Richard Blenko.  Not all of the Yellows are cased but this one is definitely cased in Crystal.  Just a reminder in case you missed it in the earlier posts, the Yellows from 2001 through 2012 are all called Yellow.  The term sunshine yellow which many of the collectors have heard is a name sometimes used at Blenko for this color but the correct “catalog” designation is simply Yellow.  This is the Yellow used to make the Fire and Ice pieces.  Yellow when reintroduced in 2000 was called Opaline Yellow but because many of the pieces had no opaline in them, the name was changed to Yellow.

Casing Detail


Etching Detail


2 thoughts on “Day 378-Yellow

  1. Nice water bottle! It looks like the casing doesn’t make the color any lighter. Is that a trait of this color? Casing does not make Yellow change to a lighter shade (at least the best I can tell)? I think one of the most beautiful water bottles in Straight and Diamond optic is Yellow. I also remember dreaming that Blenko would make some in Optic one day. See, some dreams do come true. Now I will try to make myself dream that Blenko will make some Yellow in the Large Diamond Optic along with some other colors including Dreamcicle, Sweet Pea, Pink Ice, Peacock, Cobalt, Purple, and Topaz. If they have a separate mold sitting around collecting dust and depreciating in value they may as well put it to use darn it. I know their sales would go up. Maybe we could start a “petition”. to request it. Oh I forgot, that only works sometimes in a Democracy 😦

  2. I think, too, that the reason this is called “Sunshine” is because the Bravo series had yellow pieces and that color was officially named “Sunshine” in the catalog in 2007-2008. When they ran Bravo in that color, we water bottle collectors in the area hoped that some kind fellow in the factory had a notion of making some yellow bottles. When we were rewarded, we called them sunshine since that was Blenko’s official name for that during that time for the Bravo series and yellow bottles were not catalog offerings, at least in 2007 and 2008 catalogs.

    Besides, there is something wrong with a company that thrives because of creativity calling a color only “yellow”! 🙂

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