Day 379-Turquoise

Blenko Water Bottle Turquoise

In the early days of my Blenko avocation, I did not know the colors very well and could not discern the colors on a computer screen very well.  Because many of the blues and  especially Turquoise do not reproduce well, I would often look at one on my computer screen and compare them with the blues that I had and think, “I don’t have that blue color.”  Not until they arrived in the mail did I realize that I had another Turquoise.  It is such a great color I could not part with them once I had them.  I thought that I had enough Turquoise water bottles until they were made in Mini size.  Turquoise in Optic would tempt me to  purchase a couple more!


This particular example was purchased because it was a different shape (in the shoulder area) than any I had seen previously.  I have subsequently decided that the shoulder curve was probably flattened by the finisher for some unknown reason.  Originally, I thought that perhaps there were variations in the water bottle mold, but having seen no more quite like this example, I have dismissed that thought.


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