Day 380-Ruby

Blenko Water Bottle Ruby

Another nice example of Ruby which I believe was made in the late 1940’s.  Blenko stopped making Ruby in 1949 and waited a whole 35 years before making it again in 1984.  After only one year’s production, they waited another 16 years, until 2000, to add it to the catalog again.  It was made each year thereafter through 2011 but is sadly not in production for the foreseeable future.  There were too many problems with getting the color right because this formula seemed to always go into the brown shade of Ruby.


3 thoughts on “Day 380-Ruby

  1. I got lucky and recently acquired one of these 1984 variants. A very beautiful shade of pure Ruby red. It also has an indented bottom. I’m a happy camper!

  2. I must now update my status indicating that I have acquired a very light shade of Ruby in the 1984 variant (with indented bottom and original sticker). It is the lightest shade of Ruby I own and one of the lightest I have ever seen, but definitely still bold and beautiful! Between the deep 1984 Ruby that I own and the light one I must say the light one is my favorite by far, but I still love the deep one because it has no amber or yellow in it, nor does the light one. A truly pure Ruby in both shades!

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