Day 381-Violet

Blenko Water Bottle Violet

I promise you that this is not Cobalt, although it is the bluest Violet I have ever seen.  It is etched Blenko 2005 on the base.  Violet is a variable color. I have included a comparison to Cobalt but the purple color just does not seem to come through on the computer screen.

Cobalt is on the left side.  You will have to trust me that there is some purple coloration on the right.


One thought on “Day 381-Violet

  1. I have one of these marked 2001. It is very deep. Even deeper than cobalt. I would call it Midnight Blue, but that name is already taken for Cobalt cased in Crystal. This is one of my favorite colors. I have 2 others that are a shade or two lighter. One is pre 2000 and has the Square B label.

    This color is gorgeous, especially in the window. Like Lorin stated it is a Violet variant, but looks more blue than purple in my opinion. It’s hard to say if Blenko will ever bring this variant back. I would tend to think not, but never say never…..

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