Day 383-Lime

Blenko Water Bottle Lime

Unfortunately, this water bottle has water stains that cannot be removed with soap and water.  I have resisted other methods up to this point because I do not want to make it worse.  I have heard of having the stains “polished” off but have not tried to find anyone to do this.  Does anyone have any experience with this?

Since the initial draft of this post, I have spoken with a fellow collector regarding tumbling to remove the stains, similar to polishing rocks by putting them in a tumbler.  I haven’t had the time to build a tumbler yet but when I do I will let you know how successful I was.


2 thoughts on “Day 383-Lime

  1. I’ve used the product “CLR” full strength on many glass items interiors with great success. Let it sit for an hour or so or even overnight, brushing periodically to loosen the deposits. It hasn’t damaged anything of mine yet. However if the glass has heavy “striation” then you have no choice but to do the tumbling method you mentioned which definately works but is a pain to set up if you don’t have all the necessary tools. You will likely have to build somthing custom to accommodate a 384…but the tumbling method will usually return even the nastiest stains into a fresh, clear & smooth surface. On the other hand, Sometimes it’s just easier to leave things as they are espicially if its an item you never intend to use & are taking to the grave with you

    • Everything that I have read says not to do this with Blenko glass. It is a soft glass and this could make it worse. if you experiment with a Blenko piece, start with a piece you do not love.

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