Day 384-Charcoal

Blenko Water Bottle Charcoal

When I first purchased this water bottle, I did not know what color it was.  I studied the different colors that it could be and tentatively decided that it was cased Aqua.  As I was cleaning the bottles prior to photographing for this blog it finally dawned on me that it was one of the Charcoal pieces from 1961 and 1962.  A closer inspection shows that it gets lighter and is actually clear near the bottom but it does not have the tell tale Crystal base that you would expect of a cased piece.

With this posting I have actually fulfilled my promise to give you 366 unique water bottles, (A YEAR of BLENKO WATER BOTTLES.)  Do not think this is the end.  One generous water bottle collector has provided photos of a portion of their collection for me to share with you.


4 thoughts on “Day 384-Charcoal

  1. I came late to the party and have so regretted missing the early ones. I look forward each evening to seeing what beautiful delight you have posted for the day. I’m so glad that there will be more and I wouldn’t even mind a repeat once the feast comes to its’ end! Thank you SO much for my daily experience of beauty!

    • You haven’t really “missed” them. They are all there and you can go back and check them out. Starting tomorrow I will be posting water bottles from another collection for a while. There are some unusual treats coming. I am trying to think of an apppropriate rename as we will obviously be going for longer than a year.

  2. “A Year of Water Bottles and then Some”
    Great job friend! I have truly enjoyed this website and you have done this hobby a great service!
    Do you plan on posting the minis in the future?

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