Day 385-Ruby Fade Handled-UNIQUE

Ruby Faded with Cobalt reeded handle

Ruby Faded with Cobalt reeded handle

One of the great people who collect water bottles has agreed to let me feature some of her water bottles on this blog.  WVGlassGal is fortunate to live fairly close to the Blenko factory.   Many of us are also fortunate as well because she has enabled us to add some great pieces to our collections.  I am personally thankful to count her among my friends.   I took the photos myself in a very short window of time when I was passing through West Virginia in late October so credit or blame are mine.

I have decided to start this phase out with a real stunning example.  This one-of-a-kind treasure is a Ruby Fade water bottle with a handle, but the handle is in contrasting Cobalt.  The handle is reeded and curved where every other handle that I have ever seen has been smooth and angular.  The water bottle was produced in 2011 and is etched on the bottom so we know that it is authentic.  Additional photos follow.  Thank you Jonna, for this share and the others to come.

Handle Detail

Handle Detail

Etching Detail

Etching Detail

I am still waiting for the rest of you collectors to step up and share.  I don’t care if you have 3 water bottles or 300.  Please consider sharing what you have with the rest of us.


4 thoughts on “Day 385-Ruby Fade Handled-UNIQUE

  1. This is the most extreme example of a water bottle I have ever seen and exceptionally unique!

    I want to contribute to the hobby by sharing photos of my favorite and most unique water bottles; however, I haven’t even unpacked them since we moved, so it will be awhile.

    How about this for a new title:
    “A Year of Blenko Water Bottles Plus (and) More” or “A Year of Blenko Water Bottles and Growing” or
    “A Year of Blenko Water Bottles, a Project in Progress” or “A Year and More of Blenko Water Bottles” or
    “A Year of Blenko Water Bottles Continuously Expading (Growing)” and my favorite:

    *********** “Over a Year of Blenko Water Bottles” ************

  2. It’s nice to see that they do experiment & have fun over at Blenko. That is one cool bottle! …Once again Im wishing I lived close enough to the factory to make regular visits!

  3. Thank you for this blog and for featuring some of my collection. It is great that all of us share this unique interest! I have a few more that I will send you, and I know that you have a new beauty to display! Thank you for your friendship and for sharing all of your knowledge with us! I do believe that I would probably have stopped at 50 bottles (my original cut-off promise to myself) if correspondence from you over the years didn’t have me searching for the water bottle utopia! So, I guess I have you to thank you indirectly for the 127 bottles that are beyond my cut-off point! For that, too, I thank you and my husband thanks you. Well, I thank you, anyway! 🙂

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