Day 389-Tangerine Straight Optic

Blenko Water Bottle Tangerine

Blenko Water Bottle Tangerine

I have seen a few of these Tangerine bottles offered online that seem to have a green tint especially near the bottom but none in the optic patterns.  I can verify for you that the green color is real and not just a phantom of photography.  This is marked 2010 on the base so it is an early example of optic.  I have no idea what causes this coloration.


2 thoughts on “Day 389-Tangerine Straight Optic

  1. Sadly, as an early example of an optic, it also had a very thin part on the base which led to a long crack along the bottom. Still, it is a beauty that I would love to find again!

  2. When I unpack my optic water bottles which will be very soon I’ll see if any of them have the green in it. I don’t recall that being the case though and I think I would have remembered something like that! I’ll try to get some photos too.

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