Day 390-Ice Blue mini with copper rim

Blenko Mini Water Bottle Seabreeze

Blenko Mini Water Bottle Ice Blue

When I visited Blenko in 2012, I asked how the copper rim was applied to the rim of the Seabreeze bottle.  I guessed at first that the same copper tube used to make the spouts was somehow used to apply copper to the rim although I wondered why it was only seen on Seabreeze glass.  It turns out that a “copper compound” is used as one of the colorants in Seabreeze and if the Seabreeze glass is overheated the copper re-forms on the surface of the glass.  This formulation of Ice Blue is Blenko’s Turquoise cased in Crystal.   I figure that Blenko must use copper oxide to produce it’s Turquoise color (this is an industry standard colorant.)   Now I wonder why I have never seen this happen on any Turquoise water bottles.  This mini is a beautiful example as the copper rim and pink shading are easily visible from the side where in the few Seabreeze examples I have seen, the rim almost has to be seen from the top to notice the copper color.

Copper Rim Detail

Copper Rim Detail


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