Day 398-Pink Ice Fade

Blenko Water Bottle Pink Ice Fade

Blenko Water Bottle Pink Ice Fade

Okay, the fact that a Pink Ice Fade water bottle exists, forces me to (finally) rethink how the fade water bottles come into being.  Check your Pink Ice water bottles and I would bet dollars to donuts that none of them have the Crystal layer on the bottom, ie. none of them is cased in Crystal.  Now, check those Pink Ice water bottles again and look closely and I would also bet that you can make out a very thin Crystal layer above the Pink Ice layer.  This means that Pink Ice is actually Crystal encased in pink.

Previously, I had thought that fade water bottles were caused by a thick gather of Crystal on the bottom of a gather of some other color.  When the bottle was blown, what would normally be a thin layer of Crystal was visible on a greater amount of the water bottle.  All of the colors that I had in fade were colors that were cased, except for Ruby.  The Ruby fade should have got me thinking but I am a little slow and it wasn’t until I saw the Pink Ice fade, (actually when I was writing the post for the Pink Ice fade) that a light bulb finally went on in my head.  At least some of the fade water bottles must be created when a gather of Crystal is cased in a color and for some reason (maybe the color layer is thin) the Crystal gets blown right through the bottom of the color to produce a large area of Crystal on the bottom, ie. a “fade”.

All of my Pink Ice water bottles appear to be pink over Crystal and this makes sense.  The colorant used to make pink is in the neighborhood of $2000.00 a ounce, so you would want to make that colored glass go as far as you could.  Now I am wondering what other Blenko colors also have Crystal on the inside?

Now you can see why I had a dilemma regarding the Dreamcicle fade a few posts ago.  Is it Dreamcicle where the Crystal on the inside blew through the orange or Sunburst where the orange was cased in Crystal?  Because Dreamcicle is more common than Sunburst, I decided to call it Dreamcicle fade.

Blog Update-November 30, 2013: Katie Trippe assures me that Pink Ice is never a cased color because the Pink Ice glass is incompatible with Blenko’s Crystal.  The expand and contract at different rates and would always shatter when the 2 different glasses were cooled.  On my list of questions for next year is how this bottle could exist if Pink Ice was never cased.


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