Day 399-Yellow Fade

Blenko Water Bottle Yellow Fade

Blenko Water Bottle Yellow Fade

I found out while I was visiting Blenko in October 2012, that the opalescence in Yellow and Dreamcicle are caused by the color being cased OVER Crystal.  This Yellow fade water bottle would be another argument for the fades being produced when the Crystal “blows through” the overlaying color.  In any case this is a beautiful water bottle.  The bottom is etched 2007.  I was at Blenko in 2007 and watched them blow some Yellow water bottles.  I had intended to travel on in my return to Florida but took an extended lunch and waited for them to go through the lehr.  When I returned to Blenko this bottle was waiting along with all of the “solid” Yellow water bottles made that day.  I actually picked this water bottle up in the factory before it ever made it to the warehouse or the Visitors Center.  At that time I wondered why they only made one of these water bottles.  Now I realize that it was a “mistake.”


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