Day 405-aquamarine with mirrored bubbles

Blenko Water Bottle aquamarine with mirrored bubbles

Blenko Water Bottle aquamarine with mirrored bubbles

This wonderful clunker is similar in color to some that I have called aquamarine in previous posts.  It is full of bubbles.  What is most unusual with this extremely heavy water bottle is that many of the bubbles appear to be lightly mirrored.  With all of the water botttles that I have seen or owned, I have never come across this before.  I have to assume that more were made and are just setting out there waiting for us to discover them.

I am postulating that a silver compound was used as one of the colorants in this batch of glass (although silver compounds usually produce an orange-red or yellow batch)  and that some quirk in the manufacturing process caused the silver to be purified and deposited on the inside of the bubbles, similar to the way a flat piece of glass gets mirrored with a silver backing.  However  it happened, it is a great and unusual water bottle and is now on my want list.

Bubble Detail

Bubble Detail


2 thoughts on “Day 405-aquamarine with mirrored bubbles

  1. Very cool bottle…I can never get enough of the bubble seeded bottles. I can’t tell from the photo 100% & please correct me if Im wrong but I have a feeling if you look very close look at the silvery surface you will see a fine micro crackling withing the bubble background. The air gap creates an uneven cooling surface within the bubble & it crackles leaving that silvery/ice look just within the isolated bubble. Either way, it’s beautiful & unusual & I’m pleased to have had the chance to see it.

    • The “mirroring” is not heavy but definitely mirrored. I can’t answer regarding the cracks as I saw it just briefly while I was photographing it last October. Maybe Jonna will weight in on the crackle in the mirror background.

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