Day 406-Azure-Variations by Wayne Husted

Blenko Redesigned Water Bottle Azure

Blenko Redesigned Water Bottle Azure

Technically, this is not the iconic Blenko water bottle.  In 2003 Wayne Husted who was the resident designer for Blenko from 1954 to 1963, came back to design a series of 12 pitchers that are known as “Variations.”  I assume this to mean that Wayne re-designed previous Blenko pieces or incorporated themes from previous pieces.  The pieces were sold by subscription only (like the mini series water bottles are currently being sold) but you subscribed in lots of 3.  As I understand it, you could sign up for January, February and March, or April, May and June, or July, August and September, or October, November and December.  You could sign up for what ever groups you wanted or even sign up for all of them.

The piece shown above is the one offered for August,  I have also seen it in Orchid and Cobalt  and it may come in other colors.  The design on the front is called “The Little Blower Man” and was intended to be used on the labels for the Regal, Rialto and Raindrop lines.  These lines were all designed by Wayne Husted in 1960.


One thought on “Day 406-Azure-Variations by Wayne Husted

  1. Now this is the kind of innovation & free thinking Blenko needs more of. I highly respect & admire Wayne Husted for his design contributions over the years & to find any historic Blenko piece he had a part of is always a thrill for me, especially if scored at an Estate Sale, thrift store or garage sale which is where I tend to acquire these gems. Wayne is a true artist & his pieces will be admired & treasured for many years.

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