Day 410-Crystal with Cobalt Frit

Blenko Water Bottle Crystal with Cobalt Frit

Blenko Water Bottle Crystal with Cobalt Frit

This experimental piece was produced in October of 2010 and is etched 2010 on the base.  I was lucky enough to see the owner purchase it but not lucky enough to find that 2 of them had been made.  I have been told that when Fenton closed it’s doors Blenko acquired a good amount of frit ( small pieces of glass that can be added to the outside of molten glass and incorporated into it ) from them and that is what inspired some of the frit items that have been produced in the last couple of years.  I have expressed interest in frit water bottles but have been told that this water bottle was a mistake and never should have been made.  I keep wishing and I keep asking.  Maybe one day it will happen.

View from the Back Side

View from the Back Side


3 thoughts on “Day 410-Crystal with Cobalt Frit

  1. Blenko: just think of the fabulous possibilities if you went into the frit bottles! We collectors could not get enough of them!!! How about at least a frit water bottle for the next Festival?? I would spend the night with the Blenko ducks at the pond for one of those! Lorin, Jeff, Mike, Phil- party at Blenko if that happens!

  2. Too funny… I’ll be there with you in line though so Lets party! Yes indeed, Blenko has many possibilities at their fingertips & maybe they even know it & just want to tease us with that fact to make us beg for what we want.

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