Day 411-Ruby Straight Optic

Blenko Water Bottle Ruby Straight Optic

Blenko Water Bottle Ruby Straight Optic

Appropriately for Valentines Day, we have a Ruby water bottle in the straight optic pattern.  This was one of the earlier water bottles made and although a number of them were made this was the only one that survived.  The problem was that, because of the optic pattern, there were thin spots that were at the bottom corners and the corners all broke.  Blenko quickly figured out that they needed to make the bottoms thicker which they did on subsequent water bottles.  As far as I am aware, no more Ruby was blown in the straight optic pattern so this is one of a kind.  Because Blenko is not currently making Ruby glass it will no doubt continue to be one of a kind.  It is etched 2010 on the bottom.



One thought on “Day 411-Ruby Straight Optic

  1. Umm, pinch me please!!! Can we all gang up on Katie to make some more? Even in Cinammon it would be beautiful! Okay I am drooling and probably dreaming. Sorry!!!

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