Day 412-amberthyst

Blenko Water Bottle amberthyst

Blenko Water Bottle amberthyst

Jonna has sent me a few pictures of additions to her collection and when I first opened this photo, I thought that the color on my computer monitor had gone bad.  Jonna assured me that this water bottle is just as it appears, Topaz in the center and pale purple on the sides.  I will not even conjecture how this one might have been produced.  Jonna has approved the “amberthyst” name.  I am extremely sorry that this edition was limited to one.  This is etched Blenko 2012 on the base.

Etching Detail

Etching Detail


One thought on “Day 412-amberthyst

  1. I’m so impressed with this one! Absolutely gorgeous….and different. Different is what we need, come on guys (Blenko) lets get some cool multi color fade 384s into the regular line-up!

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