Day 414-Kiwi mini “roadkill”

Blenko Mini Water Bottle Kiwi Collapsed

Blenko Mini Water Bottle Kiwi Collapsed

This is another first.  Evidently, this mini water bottle was overheated and collapsed flat.  Normally, it would end up in the cullet pile.  I recall seeing a regular water bottle that had collapsed a number of years back and thinking that if they would have put it in the lehr that I would have been willing to buy it.  This time, the piece was saved.  I am afraid that my admiration of the oddballs is starting to rub off on Jonna.  I am fairly sure that this did not get etched.  (Jonna says this is etched 2012.)

Another View

Another View

Side View

Side View

As you can see, this piece has really flattened out.  For now, this marks the end of Jonna’s collection.  I am sure that there will be more in the future.  From this point on, I will be posting the remainder of my collection and a number of photos from a collector who wishes to remain unnamed.


3 thoughts on “Day 414-Kiwi mini “roadkill”

  1. This is a fun posting for me as I’ve done this by accident in my kiln while attempting to alter/enhance the 384s. I threw them away in my frustration. Jonna was kind to send me some bottles for more attempts & my next attempt was again unsuccessful due to me working on a mini too cold & it cracked. I was planning on just melting it flat since that’s my only option now but just haven’t done it yet. Seeing this post makes me want to go fire the kiln up & finish what I started.

  2. Yes, I love the oddballs, too! Surprisingly, this piece is etched. If you look very carefully near the bottom of the first picture, you can barely make out the Blenko 2012. This was one of those things that I found at the factory, felt like I had hit the lottery and said, with great excitement, “oh, is that for sale?” The gentleman at Blenko had a split second look of incredulity before he recovered and very nicely said, “well, yes, if you really want it, I guess we can sell it…” I think they wonder about me up there… 🙂

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