Day 415-Celery

Blenko Water Bottle Cased Kiwi

Blenko Water Bottle Cased Kiwi

From a distance this water bottle looks remarkably like Chartreuse.   Cased Kiwi was never a catalog color and therefore not named so I am just calling it Cased Kiwi.  The color was not identified when I purchased this off the internet and no mention was made of  a date etching or casing either.  The only other color it could have been was Celery.  Celery and Jungle were not catalog colors until 2006 so I am pretty sure this is cased Kiwi.

Blog Update-November 30, 2013:  We now know that Kiwi and Jungle are the same color so this is Celery.

Etching Detail

Etching Detail

Casing Detail

Casing Detail


3 thoughts on “Day 415-Celery

  1. I looked and I have 2002 and a 2004 cased Kiwi bottle. I have some Kiwi packed away that I do not know if they are cased. Being that, it brings to question if the 1998-1999 Kiwi are cased? Would you know?

    • I have a 2002 that is cased by my 2010 and my 2012 are not. I am wondering if Blenko makes a “dark” Kiwi in it’s smaller furnace when the larger ones are holding other colors and cases it like it does with Seabreeze? This is another question to ask when I visit Blenko in October.

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