Day 421-Emerald

Blenko Water Bottle Emerald

I have always thought that Emerald should be a cleaner shade of green, just pure green with no hint of blue that most of Blenko’s Emerald has.  (When I get my own glass blowing business, you can be sure that it will be that way!)  Until then, I will enjoy Blenko’s Emerald just the way it is.   (I am updating this post even before it gets posted.  I think that I get my idea of Emerald from the Wizard of OZ which is 7-UP green.  I recently went on a website for gemstones and they state that emerald gemstones have a bluish cast.  You are never too old to learn.)


One thought on “Day 421-Emerald

  1. That’s interesting because all of the emerald gemstones I have ever seen are green with no blue hue. I bet it varies. Some are pure green and some are Blue Green. Nature has an endless amount of variation so why not?

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