Day 422-Violet

Blenko Water Bottle Violet

This water bottle is a puzzler. I thought for just a moment that this might be a Wisteria water bottle (blue on the top and purple on the bottom.)   Judging by the spouts, I thought that it might be older but while there is no etching on the bottom, there is also no wear.  (These are the most downward pointing spouts I can remember seeing.)  Wisteria is also a color from before water bottles were made (Circa 1930.)  The Wisteria hysteria was quickly over  and I resigned  myself to the fact that this is most likely Violet.   Violet was first made in 1993 so maybe this is just an early Violet.  Weigh in with your opinion.


One thought on “Day 422-Violet

  1. Based on the picture I tend to agree that this is Violet, although one of the more bluish examples. I have one or two water bottles that are part amethyst and part violet, but the violet is more of the non blue violet if memory serves (they are currently packed away). The color combination is incredibly beautiful.

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