Day 423-Dreamcicle

Blenko Water Bottle Dreamcicle

This Dreamcicle water bottle was made in May of 2012.  The coloration is a little different than what I think of as Dreamcicle but it is not cased in Crystal.  It is etched 2012 on the base.

Etching Detail


5 thoughts on “Day 423-Dreamcicle

  1. Is Dreamcicle normally cased in Crystal? Most or all of mine are solid orange in the thick part of the base. They are variants from 2009 to 2012. Oh and I also have about 10 of these as well (lol). Time to downsize….

  2. Dreamcicle is orange OVER Crystal. The casing over Crystal is what makes the opal effect. (the same is true for yellow). Crystal over Orange is called Sunburst.

  3. I was always confused about that. So when a particular color is cased IN Crystal that’s when you can see clear in the thick of the base sometimes right?

    So for example Azure is Crystal OVER Cobalt (AKA Cobalt cased in Crystal) and Dreamcicle is Orange OVER Crytsal (AKA Crystal cased in Orange)? Makes sense finally (I hope)!

    • You can usually only see the Crystal when it is on the outside. However, Pink Ice is Pink OVER Crystal and I can see the thin Crystal layer INSIDE of the pink on all of my Pink Ice water bottles.

  4. Thanks for the info. That makes sense. I’ll have to take a look at my Pink Ice. I know I have 2 from 2009 that are more Pink than the newer ones. When I compared them in natural lighting it was very obvious.

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