Day 424-Wheat

Blenko Water Bottle Topaz

I have recently gone a bit overboard and purchased several of these pale Topaz water bottles.  (Some would argue that the overboard thing is not so recent!) I guess the color intriques me.  It shows none of the orange amber color in the thicker parts of the glass as is typical of Blenko’s Topaz.  Below is a photo of the unusual base color of this water bottle.

Blog Update October 3, 2013:  A curious collector got me to check and I found that this water bottle has the raised ridge on the bottom.  We believe that the raised ridge mold was retired in the mid to late 80’s so this is probably Wheat.  I have changed the title listing from Topaz to Wheat.

Base color detail


6 thoughts on “Day 424-Wheat

  1. You aren’t the only one. I tend to go overboard a lot as well! Not only in color, but also in price! I think I have at least 10-15 examples of Cobalt, Ruby, Topaz, Kiwi/Olive, and Honey/Amber. Unfortunately, I often find that the pictures look much better than the actual bottle when I receive it. So now I’m learning to be more selective.

    Do you think this could be Wheat vs. Topaz?

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