Day 425-Cobalt

Blenko Water Bottle Cobalt

Here we have a Cobalt water bottle that fades from left to right instead of top to bottom.   It was created in mid-summer of 2012.

Etching Detail


4 thoughts on “Day 425-Cobalt

  1. Since we are on Cobalt I was wondering if you own or have ever seen the elusive “Midnight Blue” made for only one year in 1986? I have a Blenko vase in that color and it is so deep you can’t see through it or even into it at all unless held to a light, but it looks pure Cobalt.
    I have some of the deepest Cobalt water bottles I could find both vintage and new and the vase I have which I know for sure is a 1986 “Midnight Blue” is much darker, but still looks cobalt. However it is not cased in Crystal like the new “Midnight Blue” water bottles Blenko made in the last year or so. Here is a link to the example on Blenko Collectors website..

    • The Midnight Blue Color was supposedly made exclusively for the Contempo line of glass which was also made in Opaline Yellow. I have seen about 6 or 7 of the Opaline Yellow but none of the Midnight Blue that I could make a positive identification of.

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