Day 429-Ruby

Blenko Water Bottle

I have to admit that one of the last things that I need, is another Ruby water bottle.  This was my last (not to say final!) Ruby purchase which was offered to me at a price that I could not refuse and it occurred after Blenko had made it known that they would not be making Ruby any longer.  What was I to do?  Fortunately, water bottles are not like cats and this one was quickly and peacefully integrated into the group.


One thought on “Day 429-Ruby

  1. I have the same problem Lorin. I named it Rubyitus. There’s no cure. Good!!!

    I recently purchased one of the most beautiful ruby water bottles I have ever seen. It’s a very early one, a “clunker” as Lorin calls them (that name has really stuck. Lorin, I think you started something because I would bet good money that name will stand the test of time and eventually be a common term when discussing water bottles and not just cars!). I love the shape of the neck, lip, and spouts (actually the entire bottle) and the color is incredible. It also has a slight optic pattern, but it’s definately Blenko. It’s the most I ever paid for a 2 spouted Ruby, but I was more than pleased with it.

    Once I get my display ready it will have a spwdial,,

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