Day 431-Amethyst

Blenko Water Bottle Amethyst

From a design standpoint the water bottles with the thick mound of glass on the bottom are probably less than ideal.  I like these bottles because they show a lot of color when you get some light behind them.  They are especially nice with the paler colors like Rose’ or Surf Green.


One thought on “Day 431-Amethyst

  1. I love these early “clunkers”. I could have an entire collection of these and be thrilled with it. I especially like them when the base is about an inch thick or more and the bottle weighs 3+ pounds. I know that’s not very practical from a common use point of view.
    Can you imagine you just got done working all day in the fields on your farm in 100+ degree heat and all you want is a cold glass or 5 cold glasses of water only to find your Blenko Water Bottle is a center piece on the table with some dried flowers in it and to hear the wife say, “I’m sorry honey, it was to heavy to use for a water bottle”……

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