Day 433-Coral

Blenko Water Bottle Coral

Blenko Water Bottle Coral

I am blown away by Blenko’s newest (limited) color, Coral.  Blenko received an order from Nieman Marcus to produce glass items in this color and some of the left over glass was used to make water bottles and a few other items.  Coral was produced in February of 2013 and is, for now, a very limited commodity.  I am very hopeful that it will be produced again or even added to the Blenko catalog.  I would love to have mini’s and optics in this color.

Etching Detail

Etching Detail

This is not a complaint just an observation.   Coral is not the color that comes to mind when I see this color.  I would be happy to help Blenko name it’s new colors.  Some suggestions for this color would be: goldfish, Nemo, flame, bittersweet or daylily.  I’ll wait for Blenko to call when they make their next new color.  (Coral was produced again for Niemen-Marcus -Horchow- in the fall of 2013.)


4 thoughts on “Day 433-Coral

  1. I wonder why they didn’t just use this formula for their dreamsicle orange color? It’s so beautiful & everything Id like to see in an orange color bottle. …Do you have any idea what kind of order it would take to get Blenko to make a custom color? I’ve always been curious about that.

  2. Hey Uncle Mikey,
    I was thinking the same thing myself. Maybe Blenko didn’t know it was an option until they started experimenting with Dreamcicle to make the new color for Nieman Marcus. Either way I’m glad they did. It’s eye candy and very beautiful.

    Also, I asked Blenko on occasion about custom orders and if I read between the lines correctly, unless you have a lot of money or something else, people like us don’t seem to stand a channce. Thaty is nt what Blenko told me of course. They just told me they don’t make custom orders. Now we all know that’s not entirely tru. They just don’t make custom orders for the small fish in the Sea. I mean no offense to Blenko. As a company they have to make the choices that are right for them to grow. I just hope they are making the right ones. I wonder kif we had enough signatures of well known collectors and people of influece if they would cosder that a custom order?

  3. Part of me thinks if the collectors came up with a standout color or design then they would make it, but I doubt it would end up being somthing exclusive or limited as they would run with it. I bet we will be seeing more of this flame orange color in the future. At least I hope so, I don’t have a water bottle in this color.

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