Day 439-Seabreeze

Blenko Water Bottle Seabreeze

Blenko Water Bottle Seabreeze

I had a difficult time with this water bottle.  It was purchased as Seabreeze and that is the closest match.  However, it looks more like Turquoise until I get it next to a Turquoise and it is greener than Turquoise.  It is also bluer than Persian so I will just go with Seabreeze.  Evidently, there was an isssue with the neck when the bottle was made and the quick thinking finisher (Donovan Garrett?) trimmed the problem area off and saved the water bottle.  It stands a full 7 1/8 inchs tall and reminds me of some of the earliest water bottles.

Etching Detail

Etching Detail

Seabreeze/Turquoise Comparison

Seabreeze/Turquoise Comparison

Seabreeze with a label-Turquoise without.


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