Day 445-Topaz

Blenko Water Bottle Topaz

Okay, here is another Topaz water bottle that I have purchased (and probably didn’t need to.)  I have spoken privately with many of you and I have unsolicited confessions from you that you are also addicted to certain colors.  Words like, “I have a hard time not bidding on …………. or I am a sucker for the color …………., but as I have mentioned before, I am really not that big of a fan of Topaz but lately I can’t seem to not buy the light colored ones.  (Maybe, I am bidding and no one else is???)  I just need to repeat the mantra, “Topaz is the new Sea Green.”  Also the label looks new and is in the wrong place.


2 thoughts on “Day 445-Topaz

  1. I must confess that I am probably the worse when it comes to this. First it was cobalt. I could not get enough of it. Then it was violet, then it was Honey and amber, next Ruby, then,,,,. Now I have so many of each color I can’t decide which ones to keep and which to let go of because I love them all. It’s the Blenko Water Bottle bug. It’s contagious, highly addictive, and there is no known cure.

  2. Yep, Im a confessed water bottle junkie too. I try my hardest to only own 1 bottle in each color for my personal collection. My store & resale business however allows me to justify owning multiple duplicates since I do eventually sell them. I’m still a hoarder of them just in a different way. Lol. I’ll never get tired of the water bottles, it’s been 15 years of collecting & my interest just gets stronger every year. ….still loving the blog by the way & thank you for my daily fix…I know it’s alot of work.

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