Day 449-Jungle Encased Yellow

Blenko Water Bottle Jungle encased Yellow

Blenko Water Bottle Jungle encased Yellow

This is an odd color which was only made once in 2006.

Etching Detail

Etching Detail

Effect of Untraviolet Light

Effect of Untraviolet Light


2 thoughts on “Day 449-Jungle Encased Yellow

  1. Hard for an amateur to distinguish between mulberry, amethyst, and orchid – all of which names have been applied to similar water bottles; and impossible to distinguish the real early Blenkos (before Blenko began dating) from the knock-offs.
    Guidance from an expert would be welcomed.

    • It was hard for me too when I first started. You get better by handling more pieces of Blenko glass. Orchid is Amethyst which is covered with crystal glass. It will be lighter in color and should have a thin layer of clear visible at the bottom. Mulberry is more difficult. The best advice I have is to look at Mulberry pieces and compare the color to the other purple colors. I have purchased pieces of Blenko just because I was sure of what color they were and could then use them as a guide.

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