Day 451-Marine Crystal “Everpure”

Blenko Water Bottle Marine Crystal

This is a very unusual water bottle.  The story I have, goes like this.  Somewhere in the late 1950’s to 1960 the Everpure Company ordered an unknown quantity of water bottles in Marine Crystal to use as promotional items.  I have no information as to who received these, (salespeople? or customers?, or ????).  As you know Marine Crystal was last made as a catalog color in 1945.  What you see in the photo above is one of these water bottles with a label on both sides.  The label is circular, part of the back side label shows above the front label.  The Everpure company made and indeed still makes water filters.  The photo below shows the etching which indicates a production date of 1958-1960.  I saw 2 of these sell on Ebay last August, one without the labels.  I also remember seeing one other in the beginning years of my collecting and it was was actually etched in the indent with a logo similar to the label.  I do not recall if that one was etched on the bottom ( I was young and naive).

Etching Detail

Label Close-Up


3 thoughts on “Day 451-Marine Crystal “Everpure”

    • I do think that the same glass formula was used as with the 40’s Marine Crystal. Having said that, there was really no formula for the color. It was just the green that came naturally from the iron oxide present in most sand. The color would vary with the source of the sand but it is the basic green color that I know you are familiar with because you are also a bottle collector. It is similar to the color of todays plate glass when you look at it edge on.

      • Thank you. I had a dumb moment there. I knew that, just wasn’t thinking straight. It just looks like such a richer green, but the “early” ones from pre 1946 were more incidental whereas these were intentional so Blenko probably knew how to bring out the color even more perhaps by using more iron oxide rich sand. It’s ironic that this is one of my favorite colors and yet it’s a “natural” color created by the raw materials used to make glass.

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