Day 452-Clover

Blenko WAter Bottle Clover

Blenko Water Bottle Clover

Up to this point, the Clover water bottles were from a time period before Clover was actually a catalog color.  While I was visiting Blenko in late October 2012, I purchased a “real” Clover.  I am still sure that my other Clover water bottles which I purchased as pineapple green, are actually experimental Clover.

Etching Detail

Etching Detail

Bubble Shard

Bubble Shard

The “V” shaped glare in the bottom of the water bottle is a shard of the bubble from the top of the water bottle which was propelled into the water bottle as the bubble was removed.  These shards are super thin and anneal themselves to the inside and occasionally to the outside of the water bottle.


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