Day 454-Ultramarine

Blenko Water Bottle ultramarine

I am calling this Ultramarine for now with little hope of ever knowing what it’s true name was or if it even had a color designation.


6 thoughts on “Day 454-Ultramarine

  1. I love the name you gave it. Love the color too! Do you think it could be Nile?
    The other color you named because you couldn’t identify was Key Lime. Great color and great name too!

    • Nile was made in 1959 and, unless they missed this ne, it should have the BLENKO etching on the bottom. My understanding is that Nile looks a lot like the bluish Emerald.

  2. I knew it was a long shot. This bottle looks like it’s much older. The name you gave it is perfect because from where I’m setting it is the Ultra in Marine colors!!! Someone must have been feeling generous with the colorant that day (lol)Gorgeous!!!

  3. I have one of these too which Ive sent pics to u in the past. Seeded clunker. I have one of the 2013 lighter color “peacock attempt” bottles & this old clunker is just 1 shade lighter than it. It’s the closest color match Ive come across to date.

  4. I was unpacking some more of my water bottles and I came across a “clunker” very similar to this one, but with a little more of a bluish tone. I love these old colors.

  5. I was looking at this bottle the other day and realized that this could be Blenko’s early Emerald. Since I don’t think any of us have seen a 1930’s or 40’s Emerald I honestly think this might be it.

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