Day 455-Colonial Williamsburg Amethyst

Blenko Water Bottle Mulberry

Here is a second example of a water bottle that I consider to be Mulberry.  Unfortunately, this water bottle is, like the previous one, not etched Blenko on the bottom.   Mulberry was a catalog color in 1958 and at some point in 1958, Blenko started etching the base with Blenko.


Blog Update-November 30, 2013:  I am now quite certain that this is the color that Blenko used to produce the Colonial Williamsburg Reproductions from 1936 to 1966.  Mulberry is a lot more gray and a lot less vibrant.


2 thoughts on “Day 455-Colonial Williamsburg Amethyst

    • First, the disclaimer, I am not an expert on Blenko colors. ( I originally thought that this could be Mulberry.) The 2 pieces of Mulberry that I own are not brilliant colors but more of a gray purple, even grayer than Lilac. Another way to look at this is that Lilac has a bit more red in it than Mulberry. Mulberry could be etched with the Blenko mark, being made in 1958 but the etching did not start until July from what I have read so about half of them would be unmarked. During this time period, Blenko was also making Colonial Williamsburg Reproductions so the owl that you reference could be Colonial Williamsburg Amethyst. Pina Blenko books only go back to 1959 so there is no help there. The Blenko Collectors website shows several examples of Mulberry and another piece is shown on the Blenko Archive site.

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