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  1. I would like to ask your opinion on the color of an item. The item is eBay # 120933531316. I am not interested in the item, only to know the color. I do not want to influence your opinion by sharing my opinion at this point. I hope you can make your decision based soley on color and not other characteristics. I have a bottle in this color that I bought and put away many years ago and never identified the color or year of the bottle. I hope I am not imposing and I apologize if I am.
    Thank you,

    • The first thing I did was to check the Blenko catalog (books by Pina) to see if I could find the design of the item listed on ebay which was suggested to be a Myers design. If I could find that, I could determine the color or at least narrow it down. I did not see the item in the Myers years. So, I checked blenkocollectors.com and checked their colors page. I know that the bluish purples are Violet, Lilac, Mulberry and sometimes Plum. Remember that I am offering an opinion based on an item that I have not actually seen. My first guess (and hope) is that it is Mulberry. The color appears to be a good match. If it is Mulberry, there should be a Blenko etching on the base. My second guess would be Lilac. Check out the inverted cone stopper on the listing for Lilac at Blenko Collectors.com for a comparison. My third guess would be Violet which has a high degree of variability and lastly Plum which in the Pina books has a bluish look at times. Also check out the Amethyst variants on blenkoarchive.org. The first one has quite a bit of blue in it but I think it is still more red than the item on ebay. Is you bottle lighter like the newer bottles or heavy like the older ones? IF this is sufficient for you, good. I hope I was of some help. If you want to send a photo of your bottle I would be glad to re-evaluate. I am always glad to offer an opinion, just remember that it is an opinion and not a determination.

  2. I feel the item on eBay is Blenko 57D which was made in 1957 and 1958. The most likely colors would be amethyst and mulberry. Amethyst was 1957 and mulberry was 1958. The item on eBay does not appear to have the 1958 sandblast label but appears to be mulberry. I don,t think they started using the sandblast lable until a few months into 1958. My bottle does not have the sandblast logo either, but I feel it is a dead ringer in color to the item on eBay.

    • I found the item on Ebay in the Eige book on page 46, the very first item but it did not have a Blenko number attached. I was just heading to the online catalogs when your comment arrived. I agree that it is 57D which means that the item on Ebay is Mulberry. It is a much, much better match to Mulberry than it is to Amethyst. If your water bottle matches that I am envious. Mulberry is one of my Holy Grails. Congratulations!

  3. The bottle is heavy and appears to be from the time period. I am not positive it is mulberry at this point because it is difficult comparing colors on a computer. I will take a couple pictures this week and send to you. Congratulations my be a bit premature but If I had to bet, my money would be on mulberry. Do you have an email address other than the blog.

  4. Envious! The guy with all the Bryce – Higby bottles, the beautifull sloted bottles and a few hundred hard to find Blenko bottles. I am thrilled and honored by that that statement. I am very appreciative of all the information your are sharing and the site you have created, THANK YOU!


    • I love all of the water bottles that I have but for collectors it is about what you still don’t have. My friend Jim says, “It’s the wanting, not the having.” However, my water bottles are all on display in my office so I can enjoy them every day. When I am not pursuing the next find or waiting for the next bottle to arrive I do appreciate what I have, each and every one. The great thing about Blenko water bottles is that even the smallest of collections is sure to have something for the rest of us to drool over.

      • I so agree…the hunt is what it is about…finding that next special bottle I don’t have!!! šŸ˜Š

  5. How do you get any work done in a big office with all the distractions? Now don’t tell me you have a couple beautiful secretaries to go with the deal. You know big office, beautiful secretaries and a bottle habit can ruin a guy. Maybe you should sell me a couple of those Bryce-Higby bottles to cut back on the bottle habit! I am to old to help you with the secretaries.


  6. Well, do you suppose you could post a picture of the office and try to keep the secretaries out of the picture, I sure would hate for the secretaries to block the view of any bottles!


  7. All I can say is “Wow”! I’ve just started collecting Blenko and seeing your collection has blown me away! I happily found my first water bottle today which brings my Blenko collection up to 3 (everyone has to start somewhere)! The color looks amber when held up to the light but now as it is on a shelf it looks more green/olive. I am wondering if you could suggest where I should look. I am curious as to the color and date. The bottle does not have a sticker.

    Thank you, Francine

    • The best thing for identifying color would be for you to send a photograph to Blenko384@aol.com so I can see the color. Short of that, check out Day 10 which will explain casing of glass and then Day 67 which shows an example of green cased in amber. Other things that will help determine the color would be if there is any etching on the base, is there a label, how heavy is the piece and what is the shape of the neck and spouts. These can help determine an age range and that will narrow down the known colors produced in that time period. This blog format does not make it easy to determine color. The website-blenkocollectors.com makes it much easier to switch back and forth between possible choices. The people controling that website have stopped updating the color portion of it so the last 5 years of color production do not show but it is very user friendly. I am glad that you found us here, please feel free to comment or ask questions.

  8. It was a pleasure talking with you January 27, during Blenko Glass Week…my daughter and I made our bottles and received them Saturday…we both did ruby…they turned out beautifully! We were the ones from Mississippi.
    Your collection is stunning…I thought I was doing good with šŸ’Æ…lol

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